Among the many things we love at  Comedian Rich Hall, the international maker of mirth who, when he’s not out on tour, parks himself within our midst in southwest Montana.

Over the years, you may have seen Hall on Saturday Night Live or doing his standup on the late Late Show with David Letterman (yet another who, in retirement, we also proudly call our own).  Early in his career, Hall was a writer and on-air contributor to the original David Letterman Show that aired on NBC in 1980.


Here’s a fact you may not know: Hall is as big of a comic celebrity in the United Kingdom as he is in the States.  He’s called “a master of absurdist irony” which squarely hits the bull’s eye.  For more on Hall, visit this site.

Recently, Hall appeared in Livingston and delivered another stellar performance.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy his latest musical bit that asks the existential question:  “What the hell happened to Bob Dylan?”  Once you finish with that gem, treat yourself to another brilliant Hall piece, a vintage one, retrieved from the vault, on actor Tom Cruise.



You can read TIB columnist Joe Shelton’s take on Cruise’s latest movie, Mission Impossible 5. Meantime, enjoy.