Its reputation is that of a cajone-busting, toe-jamming, blood-blister-delivering, lactic-acid-gushing traverse from hell.  But people love it.  It’s a foot race that takes competitors from the shores of Fairy Lake on the eastern (back) side of the Bridger Range, brings them to the crest of the mountains and ultimately comes to a merciful conclusion more than 20 miles later in the parking lot of the “M” just northeast of Bozeman.

Some swear that having done it once they’ll never attempt it again;  most, however, who compete in the Ed Anacker Ridge Run, begun three decades ago by the late intrepid MSU college professor after whom it is named, say they’ve found few challenges in life more exhilarating.

Outside Magazine lists the Ridge Run as an outdoor bucket list endeavor. And now known worldwide to endurance athletes, the Ridge Run once was called America’s most rugged trail run. Even if the distinction no longer holds, finishing it remains an incredible feat.  The 2015 installment of the Ridge Run is Saturday, Aug 15.  And in case you missed the recent premiere of part 2 of the memorable documentary,  “Wind Drinkers: 30 Years of the Bridger Ridge Run,”  you can view the first leg of the tribute below and vicariously enjoy the thrill of the terrain. The film was made by Eric Bendick of Grizzly Creek Films.



You can also find more information about the Ridge Run, which is just another legendary aspect of Bozeman, Montana, by clicking here and here.